House of Hope Monthly Update

By September 14, 2022 No Comments

We’ve made it to Football Season! As summer ends and we transition to fall, we want to provide a few updates on the progress we’ve made on the House of Hope, a partnership of the Ertz Family Foundation with Grace and Peace Community Fellowship.

We’re incredibly grateful to everyone who contributed to making this project a reality and thrilled to announce that construction is underway, led by Zatos Investment and Gnome Architects! The roof has been completely renovated, demolition is finished, and the crew is finalizing the interior framing thanks to our generous lumber donation from Steven Kempf Building Materials and 84Lumber. Follow along as we enter the next phase of construction, which includes foundation work, siding, and plumbing!

The immense progress being made gives us incredible enthusiasm and excitement surrounding the impact that it will make throughout our Hunting Park and North Philadelphia area. With Philadelphia’s gun-violence and other social dilemmas intensifying daily, the House of Hope will be a one-stop shop for community engagement and serve as a beacon of light to those who need it most!


For more information on the House of Hope project, how to provide in-kind donations for the building, or support the programs offered to the community, please contact kiersten@ertzfamilyfoundation.org or matt.olsen@ertzfamilyfoundation.org.

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