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Zach and Julie Ertz and The Ertz Family Foundation Help Provide Thousands of Winter Clothes to the Underserved in Philly

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This past weekend, The Ertz Family Foundation hosted their inaugural Annual Winter Giving Event as a part of The Philly Bridge Project

PHILADELPHIA, Dec. 22, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — This past weekend, The Ertz Family Foundation hosted their 1st Annual Winter Giving Event, which is part of their new initiative – The Philly Bridge Project.

The event helped serve some of the most underserved individuals and families in the city of Philadelphia, by providing them with brand new winter clothing. With the help of many individuals and organizations, The Ertz Family Foundation helped provide and distribute 1,000 coats, 1,000 hats, 1,000 gloves, 1,000 socks, 1,000 hand-warmers and 1,000 meals to those struggling most.

“Julie and I love serving and giving back to our community. We are honored to continue helping struggling families wherever we can,” said Philadelphia Eagles TE and Super Bowl Champion Zach Ertz. “We are so grateful for all the donors and volunteers that helped make this event possible, and I hope that we can all look for ways to serve others and reflect on what matters most during this holiday season.”

The Ertz Family Foundation partnered with several organizations to make this event a success, including; Michael Rubin and Fanatics, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Operation Warm, Sunday Love Project, The Athletes’ Corner, Timoteo Sports, Ross Dress For Less, Sky Motor Cars, Stay Tuned Network, Rosnov Jewelers, and Esperanza Health Center. Zach and Julie aim to continue to provide support to those who struggle most in the city they love, and they are so grateful for all the selfless help they continue to receive along the way.

To help Zach and Julie in their efforts, please visit: https://www.ertzfamilyfoundation.org/donate/

About The Ertz Family Foundation

The Ertz Family Foundation was founded in 2018 by Zach and Julie Ertz. Zach is a 3x Pro Bowl Tight End and Super Bowl Champion for the Philadelphia Eagles, and Julie is a 2x USWNT World Cup Champion and member of the 2016 Olympic team. Through their faith and desire to elevate those who need it the most, they created their foundation to help lift the community of Philadelphia. The Ertz family Foundation focuses their charitable efforts on youth sports and education and have most recently been a partner in the Beyond the Field initiative. Partnering with local non-profits, they have provided safe after school workouts for the underserved athletes when COVID-19 took their season away. In addition to the on the field portion, this program was designed to determine and find other necessary services that the kids in the most underserved, high-risk communities have lost during the pandemic-to include a safe access spot free from the growing issues of poverty, drugs, gangs, and violence. Visit their website to learn more: or follow them on Instagram.

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