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Ertz Family Foundation, Bus Stops Here Foundation and Veritas Sports Injury Research Network Joining Forces

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Jerome Bettis, Bus Stops Here Foundation, the Ertz Family Foundation and Veritas Sports Injury Research Network Joining Forces to Impact Inner-City Youth with “The Steel Bridge” and “The Philly Bridge” Initiatives


Jerome Bettis and his Bus Stops Here Foundation are pleased to announce a partnership with Philadelphia Eagle Tight End Zach Ertz (along with wife, Julie) and his Ertz Family Foundation and Veritas Sports Injury Network to impact inner-city youth in Pennsylvania. Called “The Steel Bridge” for Pittsburgh and “The Philly Bridge” for Philadelphia, these programs are designed to provide alternative activities and mentorship opportunities to inner-city youth during these challenging times where organized sports are not able to function due to COVID-19 and street violence is at an all-time high.

The programs were created after t​he tragic death of Philadelphia teenager and youth football player Angelo Walker. Walker was shot while riding his bike near his home. He was the 3​rd​ player killed on his high school football team due to gun violence.

“Julie and I are grateful to partner with amazing organizations striving to bring services to kids in the most high-risk areas of Philly,” said Zach Ertz. “It is our wish that the bridge we build with like-minded individuals will help bring hope to the kids who need it the most. We are honored to now build an even greater bridge with the city of Pittsburgh for the state of PA and look very forward to working with one of the greats both on and off the field to achieve this.”

“It is my foundation’s goal to impact as many inner-city youth as I can. I want to get them off of the streets and into programming where they can thrive,” says Jerome Bettis. “I was that kid growing up in inner-city Detroit that was changed by a free football camp held by Reggie McKenzie. Now it is my turn to pay it forward.”

The two foundations were brought together through the efforts of Dr. Peter Cummings and his Pennsylvania nonprofit organization Veritas Sports Injury Research Network.

“My main concern is the health and safety of all athletes and right now without sports we are seeing skyrocketing levels of anxiety, depression, substance abuse and violence among the young people in our communities. This creates an unprecedented risk to the safety and wellbeing of our most vulnerable athletes. When I learned of the lifesaving work of these organizations, I was compelled to make a connection,” says Dr. Cummings.

The Philly Bridge programming is currently taking place two days a week at the Lighthouse Field in Kensington and will soon transition to a Safe House Space in Hunting Park. Partnering organizations for the program are as follows:

  1. Veritas Sports Injury Research Network for Health and Safety Training
  2. ODAAP for Trauma Informed Care
  3. Timoteo Sports for Faith-based Mentoring
  4. FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes) for Christian Sports Ministry
  5. Philly Futures for College Readiness
  6. Emerald Foundation for both Esports and Career Exploration
  7. Sunday Love Project for Food Insecurity
  8. Young Life for Faith Leadership
  9. Maxwell Football Club
  10. Philadelphia Youth Sports Collaborative
  11. JAWS Youth Playbook (Ron Jaworski Foundation)

The Steel Bridge is in the planning phase and hopes to launch later this Fall.

For more information about The Jerome Bettis Bus Stops Here Foundation please visit http://thebusstopsherefoundation.org/​ or call 412-720-5195. For the Ertz Family Foundation, please visit https://www.ertzfamilyfoundation.org/​ or call 925-212-7307.

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