Ertz Family Foundation Update During Covid-19

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This moment reminds us that we’re all connected like never before. We’re called upon to be our best selves and with patience, understanding and compassion, we will get through this together!

Together, we are facing unprecedented times. The global Covid-19 is affecting all of our families, businesses, communities and our way of life. During this time, we want to check-in on you all and to update you on how the Ertz Family Foundation is approaching this pandemic.
First and foremost, our hearts go out to all individuals and families that are impacted by Covid-19, either directly or indirectly. We pray for everyone and for those that may be sick, we extend our heartfelt wishes for a full and speedy recovery. To all of those working in healthcare, food security and shelter, we are very appreciative for all that you are doing to help those in urgent need and incredibly grateful for your selfless contribution during these challenging times.
Second, we are doing whatever we can to help those in most need by supporting charities that are on the ground helping to combat urgent needs like food security, health and safety. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, 1 in 5 Americans say they are out of work and are seeking financial support. 1 in 3 people that visited a food bank in the past weeks said they have never previously had the need to visit one, and 22M Americans have filed for unemployment! Just as alarming, food banks have reported their volunteer staff has decreased by 95% and their staff and funding to purchase food has been greatly compromised.
To help combat some of these issues, Ertz Family Foundation founders, Zach and Julie Ertz, and a couple of their Eagles friends hosted a campaign to raise funds for Philabundance, a nonprofit food bank in the Philadelphia area that is in dire need of funding due to a huge spike in food requests. Together, they donated $225,000 to Philabundance (you can read more about this effort here). Zach and Julie have also partnered with Campbell’s Chunky to join their campaign during the #Covid-19 pandemic by donating $100,000 to hire unemployed Philadelphians to staff critical feeding programs. Additionally, they joined their friend, Ben Simmons, to raise funds and awareness for those drastically affected in Philly through the PHILLY PLEDGE (#PhillyPledge) and most recently, they joined their friend, Michael Rubin who is dedicated to raising $100M for food banks nationally through his ALL IN CHALLENGE (#AllinChallenge). Furthermore, we are working with the hardest hit area of Philadelphia, Kensington to provide support by partnering with Philabundance and our corporate and charity friends to create a new food pantry that will offer hunger relief and food security to residents in need.
As you know, Ertz Family Foundation funds a number of charitable programs through the City of Love Fund, our grant-making program that supports community-based organizations serving the most impacted communities in the Philadelphia area. We would like to do our part by expanding the City of Love Fund to include emergency grants to organizations working on the ground to combat Covid-19 issues in Northern California and Philadelphia, but we need your help.
In respect of the stay-at-home mandate and for the safety of our supporters, we have postponed our 2020 Par-Tee Golf Fundraising Event that was planned for July in Northern California (please save the new date – July 12, 2021). We also canceled our Thuzio fundraising event that was scheduled for Mother’s Day in May in Philadelphia. While these decisions are the most responsible thing to do under the circumstances, it is very sad for us to not be able to see you all this year and share our goals and mission with you together. In addition to that is the reality we face today as we focus on the continued and often monumental goals we still have for the communities in the face of this new normal.
To that end, we must find alternative ways to raise funds and ask for your continued financial support. Now more than ever, we need to stay focused on what we can do in our communities and I assure you – our focus hasn’t wavered a moment.
Our annual fundraising goal from the Par-Tee Golf event was $250,000 and the goal for the Thuzio event was $50,000. At this time, we are considering an online auction, online training with Zach and Julie, and a potential televised text-to-give opportunity that we are exploring as you read this letter. We are also asking our supporters to join us in our dedication to help others. Whatever you can donate at this time to help us reach our fundraising goal, whether it is $1, $10, $100 or more, your generosity is greatly appreciated! To make a one-time or recurring donation, please follow this link or go to our website at www.ertzfamilyfoundation.org/donate. If you would like to mail a check or send funds electronically via wire or ACH, please contact us at info@ertzfamilyfoundation.org with “check/wire instructions” in the subject line.
We have an amazing team at Ertz Family Foundation and we are here for the long run. This moment reminds us that we’re all connected like never before. We’re called upon to be our best selves, and with patience, understanding and compassion, we will get through this TOGETHER! We’re committed to being your conduit to helping support charities that are doing phenomenal work.
As we go forward, we’ll be sure to keep you updated by posting on our social media channels and the Ertz Family Foundation website.
Forever grateful for you all,
Lisa Ertz, Executive Director
Ertz Family Foundation

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